Mountain reflection at sunset at Laguna Chaxa in Salar de Atacama.
  World Travel We’re not only passionate about visiting the national parks, we’re passionate about all […]
Rolling hills behind grasslands of South Dakota
Wind Cave National Park  Park Facts  Established: 1903 making it one of the oldest national parks […]
Rolling hills of the badlands in Theodore Roosevelt National Park
  Complete guide to the U.S. National Parks We’re on a mission to visit all 62 […]
Badlands of Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Theodore Roosevelt National Park About Theodore Roosevelt National Park Established: 1978 Location: Medora, North Dakota Annual […]



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Kate Vista

Kate Vista

Hi there! I'm Kate. Welcome to my blog. In real life, I am an actuary, coffee addict, dog lover, and a newly minted blogger. In our spare time, my husband, Luke, and I like to hike in our home state of Washington. We also love active adventure travel to Scenic Vistas. See what I did there? :) I think we travel to some cool places and I just want to share our photos and experiences with you!

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