About Us

We are…

the Vistas! We are a young adventurous couple living outside of Seattle in the great Pacific Northwest

Ok, ok… Luke has always had a sense of adventure and a calling for exploration and for me it… well it needed to be cultivated. After several years of hiking in the wilderness and a  lot of patience and perseverance on his part, I’ve finally abandoned my high maintenance, designer-tote-slinging ways and happily traded them in for a backpack and hiking boots.

Now that I’ve finally embraced that lifestyle, we’ve made it our personal mission to visit all of the U.S. national parks as well as many of the other natural wonders of the world.

A little more about us

Luke Vista

is our photographer, trip planner, and adventure seeker. He is notorious for starting to plan our next vacation before we have even finished the one we’re currently on. This guy just can’t get enough vacation time and he’s got a  looooong list of places he wants to visit. Tomorrow. 🙂 In real life, Luke works as a chemist and loves watching movies in his free time.

Kate Vista

is the photo editor, beginner blogger, and er… workaholic. Just kidding – Kate is currently studying for her actuarial fellowship exams, so she studies  a lot. She’s extremely lucky that her handsome husband takes on a lot  of the housework and trip planning duties so they can spend their free time traveling or hiking and kayaking around western Washington!


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