So, I’ve decided to start a blog! Not because I want to become insta-famous. Or because I think I have great tips for traveling on a budget. Or because I think I’m an experienced world traveler (clearly that’s not true). But instead simply because we love to travel and take photos and I wanted a better forum to share those pictures and stories with you. Luke and I enjoy dabbling in amateur photography and we like to do some off-the-beaten-path things when we travel, so I wanted to do more to share our adventures than merely post a bunch of pictures on Facebook.

I’m kicking off our blog with our latest trip to Chile! Read about our time in the Atacama Desert & Santiago here: Atacama Desertย (Santiago leg coming soon!).

Despite being together for nearly 10 years, this was our first international trip together! I guess we’re the responsible sort who needed to do all the adult things like getting married, becoming established in our careers, buying a house, etc. before investing more of our money into world travels. Now that we’ve crossed those things off of our list, we hope this will be the first of many international engagements for us in the coming years.

But, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been doing any traveling over the last few years. We’ve just had our sights set domestically before trying to conquer the world. Several years ago, we set out on a quest to visit all of the U.S. national parks and to date, we’ve seen 24 out of 60 of them.

I can’t wait to share more about the adventures we’ve taken over the last few months. And, there’s no doubt that I’ve got my work cut out for me documenting our past travels. So, come along with me as I put myself out there & dive head-first into the slightly scary world of blogging!

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

-Neale Donald Walsch


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Kate Vista

Hi there! I'm Kate. Welcome to my blog. In real life, I am an actuary, coffee addict, dog lover, and a newly minted blogger. In our spare time, my husband, Luke, and I like to hike in our home state of Washington. We also love active adventure travel to Scenic Vistas. See what I did there? :) I think we travel to some cool places and I just want to share our photos and experiences with you!

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